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Clean Water Pro is a Proud Distributor of RoyalSoft

RoyalSoft is the industry leader in both technology and design and now with their 10 year manufacturer warranties you are guaranteed to love your water again!

The RevV4 Intelligent Head is designed to work with various types of water conditions. The RevV4 head was specifically designed to handle more demanding water supplies such as residences that exceed 4,500 Sqft. The larger inlet and outlet connectors allow for stronger pressure and the larger plumbing needed for more substantial water usage. The advanced design incorporates a microcomputer control that analyzes real-world operating conditions and performs regeneration automatically. The unique control valve features highly polished, high density, ceramic discs that are the heart of the Rotary Pro Design. The patented ceramic disc design incorporates one fixed and one moving disc, which rotates through positions to align channels creating five different fluid pathways. These five pathways, or stages, are: Service, Backwash, Brine & Slow Rinse, Brine Refill, and Fast Rinse. This proprietary design represents a significant advance beyond traditional water treatment system control valves, which traditionally rely on complex valving and a high number or parts, that are vulnerable to wear and failure during operation. The breakthrough design of the advanced Rotary Pro control valve provides simple installation, operation and maintenance.